Ups and Downs of the Weight Loss Journey

Check in

Current weight: 169

Lost this week: 1 lbs.

Total weight lost:  39.5 lbs. – oh, so close to that elusive 40 lb. goal!

 IMG_6406 (2)

I haven’t had any ups (weight gain wise) since I started this journey over five months ago, but I sure felt like this week I might. I had three days when my calorie count was over 2000 and on one of those days, I was on that out-of-control-with-eating roller coaster that I used to ride all the time. An afternoon passed while I was engaged in mindless eating. It felt awful and shocking – a real wake-up call. Despite my successes, overeating behaviour isn’t all in the past for me. It seemed like a few tiny pebbles started slipping down a rocky slope. The pebbles loosened bigger stones, then rocks started moving and before I knew it – an avalanche was underway.

Today, I awoke feeling as though I dodged a bullet and resolved that my mission for the next week was to figure out what the hell happened. But now, as I write, I am unsure of that plan. Dwelling on my mistakes can become part of the avalanche. I might be better served by refocusing on what matters to me, reviewing my toolbox of strategies and moving forward. I know it is important to understand why things happen, but it’s equally important to recognize that the path won’t always run straight. I will accept this reality and get moving!


On a brighter note, another thing happened this week that really makes me laugh about the funny sign in the photo above. I had been thinking about how to step-up my exercise routine but felt I couldn’t dedicate more time to my current pursuits. I already walk a minimum of 2 hours per day and ride my bike for 50 minutes. There are only so many hours in a day one can dedicate to exercise!

My daughter suggested that perhaps I could try going faster rather than longer. I have read about the benefits of interval training – pushing up the speed for a chunk of time and then returning to a normal pace. I often do this when riding my stationary bike.

I was out walking yesterday afternoon and I was feeling like I had to hurry. Other tasks awaited me. It looked like rain coming and I had billowing laundry on the clothesline. Dinner needed to be started. I picked up my pace and suddenly I was jogging! I kept that up for about a quarter of a kilometer and then I was fast walking and finally, by the end of that three-quarter kilometer round, I was back to my original pacing. I repeated this routine one more time on my walk. It was amazing. What a feeling!

Back in the long-ago days of jogging regularly, I remember reading a quote in some running magazine.

There is no such thing as an overweight jogger … only a person on their way to their ideal weight.

Feels like those words could be true!