Slowly But Surely–Learning as I Go

Check in

Current weight: 164.5

Since last check-in : 1.5 lbs.

Total weight lost:  44.5 lbs.


What a gorgeous sunset here in my current abode!

So, progress is slow and I’m feeling pleased with any movement of the scale in a downward direction. In my 2nd week at W.W., I lost 1.5 and then this last week, stayed the same. All good.

Weight Watchers is about balance and I’m really working hard to discover what that means for me. I’ve upped my exercise regime with an intermittent run/walk routine.


The above is a screen capture on my FitBit app for a session that involved a run/fast walk cycle. Below, a day when I chose to only fast walk. Both are great for cardio. And I love the technology that makes all this tracking possible.


I’m also practicing meditation on a regular basis. I need to seriously reflect on why I hit the wall of backsliding so hard and meditation helps with that goal. Much is about habit. January through June of this year, I had trained myself to eat healthy food in small portions. Having created a habit, it was easy to eat in that way. When I slowly but surely let the habit start slipping away, I really struggled.

Sticking with hard-won habits, though vitally important, is not the whole story. There is a part of me that has attributed all that is not perfect about my life to being overweight. My rational self argues with that idea (for good reason) but the belief lingers. So, when some things about my life weren’t radically better, even after losing 40 lbs, I did feel disillusioned. Believe me, I’m working on self-defeating believes and magical thinking. Meditation helps!


Final History Chapter–Back to the Future

Tyrion quote

What a journey. Today’s post marks the end of my mid-week strolls down memory lane. Have you enjoyed the story so far? As Tyrion says, “There is nothing in the world more powerful than a story.” So, let’s catch up to the now.

In 2017, my daughter gave me her old FitBit. I fell in love with the little gadget. I started tracking and though I wasn’t seeing a big change in my weight, I was aware of my activity level like I’d never been before. This was the beginning of the final stage of preparation for serious weight loss. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was establishing baseline data and charting future action.

I started 2018 with a commitment to daily meditations and journal reflections using Daily Om online courses. I focused on topics such as clearing what is hold you back, Buddhist communication and letting go of weight. I stuck with this routine for months. I upped my activity level, walking a minimum of 5K every day. My weight fluctuated from a low of 208 lbs. to a high of 212 lbs. Despite the lack of weight loss, I had a wonderful year. I got totally off my blood pressure meds. I continued to use the FitBit and the FitBit app for my phone. I was getting prepared for a more active stage of change.

For Christmas, I requested the Aria2 FitBit scale. Someone asked my husband, “Did your wife ask for this scale specifically because if not, women don’t necessarily appreciate getting a scale as a gift. Sort of sends a message, you know?” Too true. I can imagine other years when I would have been outraged to receive such a ‘gift’.

On Jan. 3, 2019, I began my weight lose journey. And there you have it – you’ve come with me on quite a trip over the last weeks. From the little girl hiding a box of tapioca pudding under my bed to the almost 62 year-old me starting yet another weight loss attempt.

If the retelling of my history of weight loss and gain has shown me anything, it is this – I need accountability to succeed. This blog, the FitBit, the FitBit app, the Aria2 scale, friends and family who know how much sticking with my plan means to me – all these things call me to be true to my dreams.

On the lake

Accountability = Awareness Smile

Eagle on snag

Change takes time and many of the stages of change are about getting ready. I see my entire weight loss history as the necessary time it took to be ready for what is happening to me now.

So, one journey comes to an end and another begins. Next week, I am off on holidays to visit family and friends. And from now on, you will only hear from me once a week when I do my weight check-in post.

Many, many thanks to anyone out there in the blogosphere we took the time to read my posts. Everyday is precious, every moment matters. Why me, why now? Why not?


Tracking My Way to Success

Nelson - shores of Kootney Lake


Current weight: 188.5

Lost this week: 2 lbs.

Feeling pretty darn good!

Today, I’ll share some of the tools that are making a difference for me on this current weight loss adventure.

Aside time – I did warn you about these! (I think I must be an aside type of person – LOL)

My story, my story. No kind of a recipe for anyone else’s success. That goes without saying, right? We’re all so different. But I’m going to say it anyway. This blog isn’t suggesting a you do what I do approach. It’s about motivation for me and maybe some challenge and inspiration for you. No how-to’s. Maybe more like how about?

I’ve been wearing a FitBit for almost two years. My daughter gave me her old one and using it represented a turning point in my preparation for change. The wristband combined with the FitBit app on my phone allows me to systematically track my activity via steps walked per day, active minutes, floors gone up and kilometers covered. Even two years ago, that tracking automatically made me more active. 

My motivation was increased by the FitBit badges! I’ve walked the length of Japan. I’ve achieved over 20,000 steps in one day. I’ve carted myself up 4000 lifetime floors for the 747 Badge. These may sound a bit silly but they are fun signposts of change.

FitBit Japan Badge   FitBit 747 Badge   fitbit_sharing_517244440

The FitBit app also tracks calories consumed – either by estimating with the quick calorie function or by searching for and entering in the calorie count of everything you eat. In my preparation year, I was hit and miss entering calories.

My final bit of preparation occurred when I asked for and received an Aria2 FitBit scale for Christmas.

For more than a year, I had weighed myself on my old scale and manually entered the results into the FitBit app. But I wasn’t consistent with doing either. I knew that if I were to get serious about tracking activity, calories and my weight, I might see some results. The scale is a pricey piece of technology, but for me, well worth the cost. My daily weigh-ins have become revelatory. Aria2 sits there on the bathroom floor, shiny black, the high-tech epitome of accountability. I love it.

I fully embrace this technology. I consistently enter my calories. I pay attention to the charts and the bar graphs and the other information available.

Lately, I’ve received my FitBit 10 lb. and 15 lb. weight loss badges. I’m looking forward to my 20 lb. badge sometime today! Yippee!

       FitBit 10 lb badge                            FitBit 15 lb badge

Enough for today. Stay tuned and look for me mid week for another walk back in time. Here’s hoping we have great days until we meet again. Days characterized by healthy eating, joy filled activity and the valuable rest needed in between.