Slowly But Surely–Learning as I Go

Check in

Current weight: 164.5

Since last check-in : 1.5 lbs.

Total weight lost:  44.5 lbs.


What a gorgeous sunset here in my current abode!

So, progress is slow and I’m feeling pleased with any movement of the scale in a downward direction. In my 2nd week at W.W., I lost 1.5 and then this last week, stayed the same. All good.

Weight Watchers is about balance and I’m really working hard to discover what that means for me. I’ve upped my exercise regime with an intermittent run/walk routine.


The above is a screen capture on my FitBit app for a session that involved a run/fast walk cycle. Below, a day when I chose to only fast walk. Both are great for cardio. And I love the technology that makes all this tracking possible.


I’m also practicing meditation on a regular basis. I need to seriously reflect on why I hit the wall of backsliding so hard and meditation helps with that goal. Much is about habit. January through June of this year, I had trained myself to eat healthy food in small portions. Having created a habit, it was easy to eat in that way. When I slowly but surely let the habit start slipping away, I really struggled.

Sticking with hard-won habits, though vitally important, is not the whole story. There is a part of me that has attributed all that is not perfect about my life to being overweight. My rational self argues with that idea (for good reason) but the belief lingers. So, when some things about my life weren’t radically better, even after losing 40 lbs, I did feel disillusioned. Believe me, I’m working on self-defeating believes and magical thinking. Meditation helps!


Taking Positive Action on Backsliding

Check in

Current weight: 166

Since last check-in : no change

Total weight lost:  42.5 lbs.

Where, oh where, have I been? Up and down – literally. The last I came to this blog was the end of June – my birthday and what a great day that was! I had lost 42.5 lbs. and was on top of the world. My goal was to enjoy holidays and summer visitors. Come September, I would get to work on the second half of my weight loss journey.

Me and Kristen in the floaties     IMG_7570

I loved this past summer – swimming, kayaking, fun times with granddaughters, hiking and squeezing every great moment out of time with visitors. All good. Checking back on my Fitbit app – I averaged 164 to 166 lbs. through June, July and August. Swell – just as planned, maintaining my 40 lb. loss.

IMG_8195 (2)

Then came September and I felt geared up to get back on the weight loss horse. I struggled to re-establish my scheduled one fast day per week and my previous healthy eating plan. I had thought my only obligation would be food preservation (canning, freezing etc.) with the garden producing big time this year. But we continued to have visitors through the whole month. I was overly busy and stressed. My weight continued to vary 164 to 166 lbs. and I couldn’t get back to losing.

IMG_8147     DSC_0864

All of a sudden, it was October. We scrambled to get all projects around the place done so we could take a three-week trip. Again, wonderful times! We did a 12K walk in the snow on an old rail bed across some amazing trestle bridges, another great day of hiking a lake loop for 10K. Our trip was organized around real hiking and that was awesome. But holidaying, though so necessary and super fun, was not conducive to weight loss. I started to average 169.

DSC_0313 (2)     DSC_0078 (2)

Got home with the expectation of getting straight back to weight loss. No problem that I was two months past the date planned for such work. Better late than never. But a week went by, my weight was up to 172 and I simply couldn’t stop eating. I was in dangerous waters and coming close to going over the falls!


Time for serious action! I have relocated myself to a bigger center from my isolated home for the next 6 weeks. I’ve joined a local Weight Watchers group and I am on an incredible exercise regime. I have people around me who are keeping me accountable and though I hadn’t anticipated needing such a resource … WOW … am I ever glad I made the decision to take action to find something that would work. I simply couldn’t face letting all my work in the first half of this year slip away in the last half. I’ve been on that roller coaster cycle before and, believe me, it is no fun.

Weight Watchers 2019

So, I am now immersed in the world of Weight Watchers … tracking points and weigh-ins. Truth be told, I’m loving it! The group is great, the app is super engaging and I’ve lost 6.4 lbs. Life is good. Back to where I wanted to be as I move into the second half of my weight loss journey. Wow, me. You go, girl!

Moral of the story? Just act. We don’t always know when we decide what we’ll do if the action is totally right, but we can adjust as we go. The important thing is to act.

Smiling My Way Through a Gain

IMG_6852 (2)

Check in

Current weight: 166

Up since last check-in : 1.5 lbs.

Total weight lost:  42.5 lbs.

Me, the kids and my gift

Posting a weight gain but feeling darn good. How does that compute? Yesterday was my birthday. Wow – what a difference a year can make Smile 

What a difference a year makes (2)

My weight is up due to good times – my trip to Ottawa, rodeo adventures and birthday fun – dinner out and cake later. It’s okay. My holiday is drawing to an end and soon I will be back home and literally surrounded by fresh produce. Can’t wait.

This first trip since losing over 40 lbs has been special. What a treat to try on clothes in any store I cared to go in. Not necessarily buying, but most certainly enjoying the experience. I’ve been able to get up and cross the floor in front of a room full of people without a second thought – no worrying that everyone is staring. I am really reaping the rewards of months of hard work and am so enjoying the moments.

Baby Grandma (2)

Kid me filter – hilarious Smile  I am feeling younger but that is just ridiculous.

As Easy as Riding a Bike

Check in

Uptown hairstyle


Current weight: 164.5

Lost this week: 1.5

Total weight lost:  44 lbs.

(Weighing in as a guest on my daughter’s Aria Scale Smile )



Loads of exercise and trying the 16/8 intermittent fasting seems to be paying off. I didn’t expect to lose weight on this trip. These last two weigh-ins have been pleasant surprises.

Bike riding 4

Here’s me realizing the dream of bike riding with my daughter and granddaughters – 8K on our first trip out Smile Can’t wait to get on that bike again.

Bike riding 1

Life is good. Living the dream.

Getting Out and About

IMG_6555 (2)

Check in

Current weight: 166

Lost this week: 1 lbs.

Total weight lost:  42.5 lbs.

(Weighing in as a guest on my daughter’s Aria Scale Smile )

Awe … the good life … enjoying the fruits of one’s labour and all of that. Fun times with family and friends is the order of my days.

IMG_6546 (2)

I can’t remember (at least, not for a long, long time) feeling so free and happy to be out and about. Seeing people was a joy instead of a self-conscious nightmare.

IMG_6619 (2)

There you have it – no skinny mini but so happy in my skin. Can’t stop smiling. Stay tuned for more fun travel pics.

Setting New Short-Term Goals

Check in

Current weight: 167

Lost this week: 2 lbs.

Total weight lost:  41.5 lbs.

IMG_6476 (2)

Sitting at my desk working on this blog post! Nothing like capturing the moment.

Setting goals and celebrating milestones is an important part of any weight-loss journey. My first short-term goal was to get below 200 lbs. Done. Then, I wanted to get back to the weight I was after my first child was born – 189. Done. Next, what I weighed after my 2nd child – 175. Done. Okay, what about what I weighed the first time I ever joined Weight Watchers – 169. Done. And there was all the five lb. increment goals – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40! Done.

40 lbs down badge

So, celebrating the milestones is important. Equally important is charting a course through the weight-loss waters ahead!

On June 4th, I head out for some holiday fun. I will be spending three weeks away from home with family and friends. As July gets underway, we will have kids and grandkids with us in our home for a month. I am looking forward to the upcoming trip and to the energy I expect to have for entertaining grandkids when I return home – swimming, kayaking, hiking – all the great summertime activities.

Short-term goals for the next two months:

1.  I don’t expect to lose weight while travelling. I also don’t expect to gain! My goal is to hold steady.

2.  Though fasting is not going to be part of travelling, I am planning to try intermittent 16/8 fasting – one picks the time frame most suited to fasting daily for 16 hours and allowing 8 hours in which food will be consumed. What would work the best for me is to stop eating at 6:00 pm and not start again until 10:00 am the next day. That may have to be adjusted to when people serve dinner. Flexibility is key.

3.  I will be keeping up with activity  levels! I’m excited about how walking at least 12 km. daily for more than a couple of months has built my endurance. I am planning to be busy and in motion.

4.  I will try new things!

Next Sunday will be my last regular check-in post until into July. Being away from my own Aria2 FitBit scale means I won’t be weighing in on a regular basis until I return home. I hope to post holiday pics now and then. We’ll see how everything goes.


Busy planting pole beans these days – a weight-loss staple food for me. I love green beans – fresh or canned.

The Right Doctor Makes All the Difference

  IMG_6436 (2)

In 2011, feeling desperate at 215 lbs. and having to be medicated for high blood pressure, I tried a new doctor. She was a wonderful breath of fresh air. In my 54 years of life (at that point in time), I had yet to meet a doctor I liked. This woman took the time to get to know me.

Something else was also happening. I was at a point in life where I allowed myself to be known. On my first visit, I explained openly that weight and weight loss were hugely triggering issues for me. And miracle of miracles, this doctor respected and heard what I had to say.

She knew not to push the weight loss agenda too hard. She’d introduce ideas and I’d go off and think about what she said. She asked me to consider a lifestyle plan where I would gradually cut the dosage of my BP meds. I agreed to try. I lost about 7 lbs. by changing my eating patterns and being slightly more active. I banned the salt shaker from the table. By the fall, I had managed to get the dosage of my meds cut in half. But no more weight came off. There I sat and there I stayed at 208 lbs.

In 2014, I mounted a serious attempt to lose weight. I was back up to 215 lbs. I had overcome some major barriers in my life and had managed to write and self-publish two novels. (By now, I’m up to 4 books in the series and going strong on the 5th.)

Crater Lake Series Banner

It felt like I had found a new outlet for my talents and that there would be life after the not-quite-completed PhD. I had two beautiful granddaughters and I wanted to be healthier for their sake. I wanted to be a fun and active grandma.

Aug 2014 Brit& Emma

I buckled down and lost to within sight of one-der-land – the promised weight loss land of the 100’s. But I got completely derailed at 202 lbs. I was stopped in my tracks. Life hit me full force in the teeth and eating to relieve the stress was survival 101. The time had no yet come for me to enter one-der-land.

Despite the set-back, over the next couple of years, I still managed to have the dosage of my blood pressure meds cut in half again and my wonderful doctor, sympathetic and caring, never judged me. She suggested a recumbent, stationary bicycle. I got one, set it outside on my covered deck and started riding. I self-published another two novels. My life was moving even if my weight was as stuck as that bike on the deck.

IMG_6443 (2)             IMG_6445 (2)

The Bike                                                                           The View from the Bike

Heads up – next Wednesday will be my last weight-loss story post. You will be caught up to the present with my life. Yippee! What a journey this blog has taken us on.