Home Sweet Home

Check in

Current weight: 161.5

Since last check-in : 3 lbs.

Total weight lost:  47 lbs.

Christmas Tree

And it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

I’ve been home for five days and am adequately acclimatized to reflect on the inevitable adjustments. Today is Tuesday and I will not be heading off to a weekly Weight Watchers Meeting. I’m a wee bit sad on that score. I enjoyed the accountability of the weigh-in, the weekly discussion topics and the opportunity to be part of a group of people who were all dedicated to the same goal – weight loss.

Coping method: I will stay in touch with group members through Facebook and will keep on the program using the online version. I will use my FitBit Aria II scale to weigh-in. It’s connected to my W.W. app, so all will be recorded as it was when I attended the meetings. Not the same but that’s the best I can do for now.

I won’t be doing my run/fast-walk hour at the local indoor track. I loved that daily workout with music playing through my ear buds as I moved quickly around the track in what, over time, became an easy jog.

Coping method: I’ve figured out how much I have to pick up the pace on my wilderness walking circuit to get a similar workout. Tracking my heart rate zones while on the stationary bike has been eye-opening. When I turned the tension dial up a notch and picked up my speed, I could get over half my forty-five minute workout in cardio and half in peak! So, weather dependent – it’s pouring rain here today – I do an hour long fast-walk or a ride on the stationary bike. Every day – one or the other!

Heart rate - stationary bike (2)

For meditation, I’ve been using the Headspace App. Great options and cool graphics. One of my choices has been a 3-level program (each level consisting of 10 meditations to be done over that many days) on mindful eating. These meditations are super helpful. No problem with finding quiet time at home to meditate. I do have some issues with this app, though. Love the content but it is so glitchy, paying for it seems like madness. I have to uninstall and reinstall every two days to get the silly thing to work. Oh well, I do love what is on offer, so will go the extra mile and hope that at some point the powers that be get the bugs out of the app.

The journey continues and I am thrilled to be losing weight again. I am determined – 2020 is the year I reach and maintain my ideal weight of 140 lbs.

Me in workout modeThat’s me, last week, in my workout gear all ready to head to the indoor track. Good times.

The trick in life is to bloom wherever you end up planted. I had a phenomenal time trying out new things while away from home. But home is a great place, too.

Here’s to blooming Smile

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