Smiling My Way Through a Gain

IMG_6852 (2)

Check in

Current weight: 166

Up since last check-in : 1.5 lbs.

Total weight lost:  42.5 lbs.

Me, the kids and my gift

Posting a weight gain but feeling darn good. How does that compute? Yesterday was my birthday. Wow – what a difference a year can make Smile 

What a difference a year makes (2)

My weight is up due to good times – my trip to Ottawa, rodeo adventures and birthday fun – dinner out and cake later. It’s okay. My holiday is drawing to an end and soon I will be back home and literally surrounded by fresh produce. Can’t wait.

This first trip since losing over 40 lbs has been special. What a treat to try on clothes in any store I cared to go in. Not necessarily buying, but most certainly enjoying the experience. I’ve been able to get up and cross the floor in front of a room full of people without a second thought – no worrying that everyone is staring. I am really reaping the rewards of months of hard work and am so enjoying the moments.

Baby Grandma (2)

Kid me filter – hilarious Smile  I am feeling younger but that is just ridiculous.

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